In addition to the classic product solutions that we have in one of our production studios for you, we offer you every opportunity to transmit your wishes live. In addition to a 1 Gigabit connection, we have two additional, separately connected Internet connections, which make it possible for you to bring your production, or your stream live into the vastness of the world wide web. Even a branded tournament in our event area or an introduction from our beautiful outdoor area are conceivable. In almost every area of the Esport Factory, there is the opportunity to place your brand appropriately and bring it to the customer.

Production rooms




Event Stage






Studio 1





up to 7

dedicated directing workstations

250 + m²

production area

up to 96

recordable camera paths


At the heart of the event arena is the stage where all gaming and Esport activities take place. Equipped with the latest gaming and transmission technology, both casual and professional players can compete against each other and test their powers in an Esport tournament. For this occasion, a full 5on5 setup can be set up. But smaller setups are also possible, such as a 1on1 setup.

The entire area is fully equipped with the latest high-end gaming hardware and peripherals and equipped with state-of-the-art technical production and event equipment. So if you are planning a production with us, you will be glad that the entire range is equipped with both camera and sound equipment.

Furthermore, we offer the event arena for all other forms, whether lectures or training, to conferences and presentations!


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Bei unserem Studio 1 handelt es sich um unser größtes Studio. Auf über 80 m2 bietet Studio 1 eine modulare Studiofläche, die für jeden Kundenwunsch angepasst werden kann. Im Deckenbereich ist eine großzügige Traversenkonstruktion verbaut, durch die ideale und individuelle Beleuchtungssituationen geschaffen werden können. Das Studio 1 ist voll klimatisiert und belüftet. Durch unser flexibles technisches Equipment sind einer individuellen Gestaltung Deiner Kundenwünsche kaum Grenzen gesetzt. Ob Talkshows, Analyse-Ecke, Aufnahmen für euer Unternehmen oder Green-Wall Aufnahmen, wir setzten hier fast alles für Euch um.


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Unser Studio 2 verzückt auf kleinerem Raum durch seinen modernen Moderatorentisch und seine Kompaktlösung für dezentere Produktionen. Neben einer schönen TV-Rückwand ist es hier möglich, laufende Produktionen aus den anderen Studios, oder der Eventarea, live zu begleiten. Sei es durch Moderatoren, Analysten oder Caster. Wir schaffen mit Studio 2, die Möglichkeiten einer Produktion zu entzerren. Auch Studio 2 ist voll klimatisiert und belüftet. Neben einer optimalen Beleuchtungssituation ist auch hier jegliches technisches Equipment vorhanden um optimale Caster, Fernsehreporter oder Kommentatoren in Szene zu setzen.


Do you want to introduce new products to your target group, but you have no suitable options? This is where we come into play: we present your latest products to the audience. No matter whether it is new software titles or new developments in the hardware area. We place your product appropriately and seriously. From release events to community parties, everything is possible with us, giving everyone entertaining hours with your product and your brand.


The Esport Factory is of course about competitive games and so nothing is more important than to organize your own tournaments. We will host these events, small and large, with a self-produced stream and bring the spectators the latest games meta to their own living room.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is our largest studio. With more than 80m2 (~860 sq. ft.), Studio 1 offers a modular studio space that can be adapted to any customer request. In the ceiling area a generous truss construction is installed, through which ideal and individual lighting situations can be created. Studio 1 is fully air conditioned and ventilated. Due to our flexible technical equipment there are hardly any limits to the individual design of your wishes. Whether talk shows, analysis corner, recordings for your company or Green Wall recordings, we put almost everything for you here.

Studio 2

Our Studio 2 in a smaller space, enchants with its modern presentation desk and its compact solution for discreet productions. In addition to a nice TV back wall, it is possible to accompany live productions from the other studios or the Event area, live, with moderators, analysts or casters. In addition to Studio 1, Studio 2 allows the equalization and flexibilization of productions. Studio 2 is also fully air conditioned and ventilated. In addition to an optimal lighting situation, all technical equipment is also available here to put casters, television reporters or commentators in the best possible position.