At the heart of the event arena is the stage where all gaming and Esport activities take place. Equipped with the latest gaming and transmission technology, both casual and professional players can compete against each other and test their powers in an Esport tournament. For this situation, a full 5on5 setup can be set up. But there are also smaller setups which are possible, such as a 1on1 setup.

The entire area is fully equipped with the latest high-end gaming hardware and peripherals and armed with state-of-the-art technical production and event equipment. So if you are planning a production with us, you will be glad that the entire range is rigged with both camera and sound equipment.

Furthermore, we offer the event arena for all other forms, whether lectures or training, to conferences and presentations!

Close to the stars

In the Esport Factory you are part of the event. You can meet your stars up close and experience them off stage.

Exclusive Location

We are a modern Esport Center in Germany. You can experience the events in a cosy, almost lounge-like atmosphere.

Catering 24/7

We also take care of your physical well-being. A top-class catering is waiting for you.

Where visitors become friends

The closeness to teams, players and like-minded people creates a feeling of friendly solidarity.

Lounge & Chill

Whether it is a few visitors, friends or guests at an event, if there is something to see, you can take a seat. We have created an area where we can respond flexibly to different audience numbers. There are separate areas like in a sports bar, for example to discuss the happenings with a small group. There is chilled lounge and seating furniture, where you can watch what happens on stage and there is a chair setup for maximum visitors.


Kitchen & Catering

Love (for gaming) is generated through the stomach, so we’ve created an area that combines a modern kitchen, with everything your heart desires, with a generous space to eat, without the gaming action being neglected. Dishwasher, oven, microwave, coffee machine and several refrigerators can be found here. At the back of the event area, you can either prepare your own meal, set up catering, or simply have a quick cereal breakfast in the morning.

Of course, the supply of drinks is important and so you can use various refrigerators to your heart’s content. Not only for dining together, but also for a presentation or meeting, this area can be wonderfully transformed into a large conference room, creating an optimal atmosphere for working. In addition, this is where you have the opportunity to present your new products to a larger audience. This area is ideal for that.

BBQ & Outdoor

Adjacent to the kitchen – both outside and inside – is the Esport Factory BBQ area. Here, a spacious partially covered area not only invites smokers for a short break, but in warm summer and colder seasons, visitors to the Esport Factory can enjoy a leisurely barbecue, partying and sitting in the open air. The view of nature and the generous areas around the entire location promise wonderful days and nights.

The area is well suited, for example, to organize public viewing with a large video wall. Other outdoor and recreational activities are so easy to link to events in the building. Your production will begin in style when the presenter welcomes the viewer out in the open and then hands it over to the Esport Factory stage. There are hardly any limits to creativity here.